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Big Day

So today was a big day... I woke up to find that the Tax faerie had kindly left my tax return in my bank account... so I promptly used a portion of it to acquire some new gear. I first purchased a new lens, the Nikon 80-200 ED 2.8D, here she is (attached to my film camera, as I'm using my digital to take this snap:
New Lens

It has now become my pride and joy 🙂 I also purchased a new tripod/monopod head (it's barely visible in the above shot) and a monopod.

My gear is now rounding out nicely. I'm going to put the rest of my tax return squarely on my student debts, so as to quickly beat them down.

After my spending spree I went hunting for something to shoot. My hunt took me through Logy Bay, Outer Cove, and Middle Cove. I found icebergs and animals to shoot at all those spots. The first iceberg that I found was at the marine lab in Logy Bay. It's shape reminds me of a cruise ship.

Here are a few shots from today:
new80200-7723 (Medium)new80200-7734 (Medium)new80200-7770 (Medium)new80200-7778 (Medium)new80200-7838 (Medium)

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Spring in Newfoundland — RDF

Rain Drizzle and Fog

This has been a very typical spring for St. John's, which means Cold and Wet. Myself and a couple friends (Brian Kidney, and Geoff Holden ) tried to do a little photography yesterday, in the west end of the city (where we work) is was beautifull... when we got to the east end it was blanketed in fog. I got a few shots, however nothing spectacular... We were going to try again today, but the fog is there again.

Here is the album of three shots from yesterday:

CuckholdsCove-7651 (Large)DSC_7652 (Large)DSC_7664_filtered (Large)

Hopefully more photography will happen on the weekend, it's supposed to be nice on Saturday.


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As of yet I haven't had much of an opportunity to get out doing any photography this winter, my last serious outing was late fall just as things were starting to freeze. Last weekend I was out in Kings Cove (in Bonavista Bay), Newfoundland visiting, and spent a couple hours driving around and shooting. I need to make myself find the time to sit down with the computer and plug away at the images and post the good ones.

We've had a very snowy winter, and on the weekends it's hard to get the weather just right to get out the camera. Of course week days are a write off since it's dark when I get home.

I went to Camera 35 the other week with Brian Kidney and Geoff Holden and enjoyed myself. Camera 35 is a photography club that holds it's meetings on the MUN campus. Actually they've now got a fairly permanent arrangement with the School of Medicine to use a class room in the basement of the Health Science Centre. I think I'll probably join, bring some of my photos to get some feedback...

Look for new photo galleries to be posted in the next couple weeks... I need to clean up my home office, and then I'll tackle "cleaning up" the digital side of things 🙂


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