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iPad App Review: Notetaker HD

This App was recommended to me by my uncle, an avid writer, and also a recent convert to the iPad. I had been looking for an app to replace the pen and paper notebook I always carried with me at work, I went through a few free options before arriving at Notetaker HD and sticking with it.

Some of the features that really sold me on the app were in no particular order:

  • Ability to add shapes, images, and typed text along side the handwritten notes (see first image)
  • Inovative "Edit 2" mode where you get a palm pilot style writing area at the bottom of the screen that represents a zoomed in portion of the full page. When writing in this area you can wrap around and write long lines of neat and small text. Hitting the return button brings you to the next line starting at your left margin that you have set.
  • Pages of notes can be grouped together to form a sort of running notebool.
  • Annotate PDFs, sure you can do this with GoodReader (another favourite must have app) but with the "Edit 2" mode it is much easier to fill out forms, etc.
  • Export as PDF, you can export 1 or all of your pages to PDF and open them in any other compatible app, or e-mail them.
  • WhiteBoard Mode, it's not officially called that, but when you hook up an external display the application outputs only the contents of your page (an Area which you define) and doesn't clutter it up with the user interface. This will be very usefull for design sessions using a projector, or large TV.

See for detailed description and sample pages.

It is available for $4.99 CDN in the iTunes Store



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Ipad 2 — don’t panic

An awesome deviantART user made the best lock screen wallpaper for the ipad :


DON'T PANIC iPad Wallpaper by ~haloz3ro on deviantART

In other news I bought an iPad 2... loving it!


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Apple iPhone/iPod Touch Development

I'm starting to teach myself iPhone development... I'm not sure what I'll come up with in terms of Apps, but I've got a few ideas, and an interest to learn.

In order to give myself more motivation I paid to join the developer program.  Now that I have money on the line, I've got to get my but in gear and learn this thing and see if I can't come up with a winning App that'll make a couple bucks.

Thats about it for now, work is at a crunch stage so thats taking up very significant pieces of my day outside my regular hours...