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I'm hoping to change the direction of this blog somewhat, it has had a meandering purpose ever since I first started it on BlogSpot years ago and I want to solidifty it.

It still might be a little disjoint, but so are the interested in my life.

At work I'm a Software Engineer working with Microsoft products such as Visual Studio and ASP.Net, Sharepoint, Biztalk, Windows 7, ADFS, etc. and would like to share some things I learn back to the internet community at large, as I rely on similar help in my day to day job to learn and figure out new and diverse technical skills.

At home I have a varied selection of hobbies and interests as well, from computers to music to woodworking to photography. Here at home my world is Apple centric, between my iMac and Macbook to my array of mobile apple devices including iPods, iPhones, and iPads I'd like to share my experiences and knowledge here as well.

I'm an avid photographer as well, when I get the time to do it. I love being behind the lens making photographs, and though I'm a little behind the times in terms of the latest and greatest equipment I might share a thing now and again if it pops into my head.

Woodworking I use as a way to get away from computers to a certain extent, there is just something great about the making of something with your two hands. Sometimes the woodworking can be combined with the other aspects of my interests, such as the attached image. I made 7 of these last week, of various designs and sizes (some iPad and some iPad 2) and gave them to friends and coworkers who have iPads. I'm actually using one right now and composing this blog post using my bluetooth keyboard and the WordPress app on my iPad. (I adapted them from this post

So I'm hoping to do a fairly regular posting schedule where I might alternate between posting Microsoft technology related posts, Apple related post and whatever else pops in my head. Some of the upcoming posts I know I plan to do are a series of App reviews (iPad and iPhone) and perhaps some hardware reviews of various products I try. I also have a couple technology articles that I hope to finish and post.



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  1. Jon, you need to do something with the website, its too boring looking, and you better not write a lot about computers, cause I gotta listen to that all the time at home. You gotta have it a bit flasher looking or something.

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