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Oh What an Interesting Evening!

So, I had an interesting evening tonight...  I headed down to Christians to meet up with Dave and Ginny, for a couple drinks and some conversation.  I show up a little later than I said I would, and Dave and Ginny had already tucked away a pitcher of Keiths.  As I approach their table I see that they have 2 people sitting with them that I do not recognize.  One of them hands me a glass of beer, a good start to the evening, and I sit down to clear my glasses of condensation.

One of the women gets up and leaves, but I am introduced to the other (the one who handed me a glass of beer) woman.  I assume shes some friend of Dave and Ginny that I had yet to meet, but it turns out Andrea is a stranger who arrived at Christians from the Beer Fest and proceeded to sit at their table and bring a pitcher of beer and a dish of popcorn with her...

A few of her friends arrive and proceed to sit with us, then some more arrive and they decide to head upstairs.  Andrea  proceeds to pick up the remains of her pitcher and head upstairs, with a few "nice to meet you's" along with her circle of friends.  Except one dude who stuck around.  I head to the bar to buy my pitcher for the table, and when I get back our new friend is still sitting down chatting with Dave and Ginny.  He seems like an alright guy, talkative but friendly.  All I remember is he was a townie, not from "Bay the fsck knows where".  Shortly after some of the friends come back down and he's whisked off.

At this point we decide to take over the jukebox and Ginny gets up to put some money in and choose some tunes.  She proceeds to be cornered by one very skeety looking dude with a shaved head, who looked to be mid to late 30's.  He's all in her personal space, and she trys her best to politely converse with him while picking her songs... A few songs (Radiohead, Nirvana, etc.) later we;re having a good time and enjoying some good conversation about music and the strength of lyrical vs. musical driven songs, etc.  we feend to box a time or 2 more getting into some Van Morrison, U2, The Smiths, all good tunes.

All of a sudden our friendly neighbourhood personal space invader plops him self down at our table (I think we were magnets for crazies tonight) he starts hitting on Ginny, and I'm trying to do my best "ignore him and he'll go away" tactic.  he gets a little more serious into the deal when he takes off his coat and sidles up next to her.  She promptly moves closer to Dave, who takes up the "She's mine go the fsck away" defense and I try to ignore him.

Not once, not twice, but 4 times he tries to drink from the glass of wax encrusted coffee beens that had moments before held the tealight candle that had since burned out and been tossed.  Four times, complaining at least once that the "coffee was solid"!  He starts a incoherent train of conversation that jumps from confusing the Jukebox with a VLT (claiming it can be deceptive and take all your money!).  The conversation segues into pokemon (gotta unite the dimensions or something).  I'm chatting on my blackberry with Jared telling him about this crazy dude and trying to ignore him.  He notices that I'm ignoring him and starts talking to Dave and Ginny about me being too serious, which somehow turns to me being a vampire...  Around this point he picks up the pitcher of beer (only a small bit left) and proceeds to drink straight from it... he's so wasted he doesn't give a crap about what he's doing.

All this time he keeps trying to get closer to Ginny and put his arm around her, and Dave is doing his best to play the boyfriend... arm around her, fending off this psycho and she plays the "fall asleep on Daves shoulder" card...  I get tired of the dude and realize the ignore him and he'll leave approach isn't going to work... so I say to Dave and Ginny that it is time to leave...  we get up and make our way to the bar to pay our tabs, quickly leaving the crazy dude behind...

Our last image of him was passed out with his head on the table.

What an adventure, I'm so glad I went out... you never can tell what you're going to find on George St.

A hotdog and a car ride later and here I am writing this crazy story down so I don't forget the details.

Hope your Friday night was as interesting as mine, if not so crazy.

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