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Spring in Newfoundland — RDF

Rain Drizzle and Fog

This has been a very typical spring for St. John's, which means Cold and Wet. Myself and a couple friends (Brian Kidney, and Geoff Holden ) tried to do a little photography yesterday, in the west end of the city (where we work) is was beautifull... when we got to the east end it was blanketed in fog. I got a few shots, however nothing spectacular... We were going to try again today, but the fog is there again.

Here is the album of three shots from yesterday:

CuckholdsCove-7651 (Large)DSC_7652 (Large)DSC_7664_filtered (Large)

Hopefully more photography will happen on the weekend, it's supposed to be nice on Saturday.


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  1. why are you talking so much about photography… talk more about us!

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