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As of yet I haven't had much of an opportunity to get out doing any photography this winter, my last serious outing was late fall just as things were starting to freeze. Last weekend I was out in Kings Cove (in Bonavista Bay), Newfoundland visiting, and spent a couple hours driving around and shooting. I need to make myself find the time to sit down with the computer and plug away at the images and post the good ones.

We've had a very snowy winter, and on the weekends it's hard to get the weather just right to get out the camera. Of course week days are a write off since it's dark when I get home.

I went to Camera 35 the other week with Brian Kidney and Geoff Holden and enjoyed myself. Camera 35 is a photography club that holds it's meetings on the MUN campus. Actually they've now got a fairly permanent arrangement with the School of Medicine to use a class room in the basement of the Health Science Centre. I think I'll probably join, bring some of my photos to get some feedback...

Look for new photo galleries to be posted in the next couple weeks... I need to clean up my home office, and then I'll tackle "cleaning up" the digital side of things 🙂


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